Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tips for webdesigning

Do you wonder why your site is not to obtain higher numbers in visitors? Stop on your time, and you in this article. Despite being a technical work, web design needs much more than mere knowledge of technology. Here are some tips for ensuring a huge flow of visitors to your site.
Fast loading Web design: Sometimes, websites, with an incredible design takes too long to load, it can be very frustrating for most visitors. Avoid using large files and minimize the unnecessary graphics. For the download is quick and, finally, increased visits to the site. Remember that an ideal design website can be a maximum of 15 seconds to load, more than any other, as negative.

2. Easy to Navigation: navigation simple and clear process through Web sites much more easily work. Do not forget the important links on a prominent corner, as the top Web. Add menus on the left and right on your website. Never try to predict the minds of visitors, they can all types of sympathy. Make sure that the menus have links to all other pages on your site. You can also walk to connect the most important, these measures are a better navigation.

3. In all resolutions of compatibility means computers are today, with all the different resolutions, a reduced level of 640x480 at a higher level of 1024x768. Your website design should be on all these resolutions. This may be the best by designing pages on the basis of pixels instead of a percent.

4. Compatibility with browsers: it is an important factor in the success of all Web sites. You must when designing your Web site, so it is compatible with all Web browsers. In other words, it is equally well on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc.

5. Size and design of policies: It is very important to choose a professional police and readable for the content of your website. Never fun, like Comic Sans fonts and bright colors like green, lemon yellow or pink. The writings are increasingly available on all computers. Sometimes, if Web designers use fonts rare, computers with these fonts do not open the pages with the default font, that even a bad thing. Stick to Arial and Verdana, this is a professional look to your website.

6. Decrease use the picture: simple web-design in general, seem to be most effective for each website. An orderly This web page is increasingly resorting to land. Does not your Web site using image files, but more creativity in developing your tables and symbols, so that the website catches to attract the attention of visitors. Pages with lots of content and simple design have always been most prevalent.

7. Use spaces: Space is also equally important for a web site design. They contribute to the publication of important information and links on Web sites and offer a sense of grandeur.

8. Explore the links Broken: It is always best to check broken links on a Web site, before loading. This can be done using Dreamweaver. However, in the absence of such a facility, check broken links after loading the high-il. Net Mechanic is one of the most used.

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