Monday, October 6, 2008

Diffrence between Web site design and web development

Creating a website and using it are two concepts associated with IT - design and development of resources, said the two Web designers and Web developers. In most cases we find the integration of these two Web designers, where the role of the developer's site also in small projects.

What is the Web-design?

Web design is the process by which a design is intended for Internet use programs such as Photoshop to plan the visual appearance of the site for a preview before its implementation on the Internet. During this phase, the Web designer uses his artistic skills in creating an attractive design with combinations of colors and images, which is the framework for online ads.

Web Design is the design of the visual aesthetics of the site in accordance with the standards, compatibility, visibility, presentation and content. Technically speaking, the web design is the front-end of the site. To summarize, a Web-design refers to marketing, visual simulation and visual enhancements. The problem in this area is possible, the stable functionality.

What is Web-development?

A site that's aesthetically not be stable and at the rate of return. This is the area where the Web development plays a crucial role in the implementation of the draft for dealing successfully with the back-end, the Unseen in the area of a website. The efficiency, stability and performance are the areas that are used in Web development. The experience of a visitor to a site is determined by the success of the strategy for the development of Web design. Faster web development Concerning the indictment, search engine optimization managing Web servers, databases, e-commerce functionality with the addition of more associated with specific site functionality. Web design is part of Web development. Web development is also responsible for hosting Web sites, protecting and securing data and privacy. Web development is done in languages such as PHP, Java, Javascript and Perl with databases such as MySQL, SQLServer and Oracle etc.

Web site design and web development

A good Web design influences a visitor to purchase products, please send a comment, and for the enrichment, so by creating a professional look n feel on the website. In contrast, Web development is a technical process with depths of programming to a functional, safe and interesting site to visit.

Web Design offers a race of the creativity of web development, offers a career in programming. There are many professionals who combine these two areas for a rewarding career to perfection to integrate communications and work on the modalities.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What is web promotion?

Web promotion is a process of strategically on the websites of most search engines to improve the traffic conditions and the quality of the opportunities in converting to sales and achieving the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Successful businesses - Web promotion has done it!

Any Internet user with little memory of a website by the end of the digitization of the pages and pages of search results pages of search results when the site by the user searched n 'is not really optimized to the research by the Search Engines.

Web promotion makes the business world and localized. A website with the lack of Web promotion does not in the right place, where potential customers for the manufacturer. Publication in the search engines is not the key to success optimization. The success lies in the separation of search engines with the knowledge of the requirements of the search algorithms for the identification of complex information and index.

Actually executed a Web promotion brings a significant reduction in cost, quality to the poor or directionless, is taking the traffic and sales of the company for the Web promotion.

The black list of search engines - Blame it on the Web promotion

Building a search engine to your site optimization. As well as the optimization is introduced, there are countless pitfalls, the mistakes of the optics. Some of the reasons that lead to the failure of the research would be poorly targeted optimization of the meeting, theme orientation wide range of topics, the visitor communication addresses are not collected by the agency to keep the search engine keywords lead to the traffic not in the location of the landing site to unaufgeräumt precision and content, etc.

The biggest problem, by the companies, which are for Web promotion will be at the site blacklist of search engines. There are many common SEO techniques, which as spam by the search engines.

The techniques include spamming by search engines to a high ranking in search engines, with comment tags by it by the invisible door and technical test. These techniques must be avoided in the individual to ensure that the site is not on the black list of search engines. Since most search engines to almost common basic rules of research, it is likely that the blacklisting of a site in a search engine is the "black list" of most other search engines as well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How SEO help to make your business

SEO is the new wave in the web world with the acceptance by businesses, both large and small. SEO is most effective for the Web snatch attention of customers throughout the class and the country. The difference is by keyword management in the articles, provided rather than research as possible. He asked for written dedicated to skill, because the growing trend to web analysts are looking for quality content and not be misleading and mat. The biggest mistake a supplier may underestimate the arrest of perspectives and content, delivery is irrelevant and fill the space with nonsense high discussions.

Articles may SEO be regarded as very useful for each type of product or service. In this technique, the subtle points of the optimal use of keywords are followed. Companies generally have some key areas, the need and emphasis must Public Viewing across products and services. The SEO technique is discrimination against choice of keywords, the effectiveness of the special showcase area and most pointed of course is the priority of research. This is not a simple process and sufficient knowledge of the search with keywords is necessary for the proper choice. Several tools are available on the Internet for this purpose as Word-tracker. It requires a lot of understanding and accuracy of stopping customers / Web analysts perspective. If the selection goes before the mark then focus on the content largely lost.

For a company to the attention on the website of a rigorous selection of suppliers SEO-being. The main sectors of the economy where profit is maximized, should be identified. Then, a few key chalked must innovate in those areas most important to the product / service names. Finally, keywords must be strategically located in the title, the first and last paragraph and the text. The density of keywords are treated, 3% -7% in the best case that search engines punish those items too many keywords.

The main theme here is to see the research of customer preferences, as the research methodology simple, and able to handle for Web sites. Internet at the door for companies without border and SEO method shows the path of the definition of the standard outside an increase in traffic on your site.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How to hire a Website Designing company?

What is a society of Web design?

Web Design Company specializes in the creation and design of the graphic content over the Internet as Web pages, Web sites or Web applications with different media. A company of the design concept, the concept of the construction plans, the expenditure of models and content leads and supports the content from the Web.

The first step in the right choice

Web design, you last visited creates an impression on you? Then for the Web-design at the design of this page. It is recommended after the elections in the area of personal taste or recommendations. The next step would be the list of companies, web design with professional prospects. Internet directories can be an important source of information on this topic. Most companies, web design its portfolio of loans for working with links to their professional activities in their web site. The portfolio of work gives an overview of their abilities.

The second step for selection

Web-design company with success to create Web sites suggested by the box on its Web site designed with their vast experience. An overview of its website and its portfolio gives an overview of sufficiently what to expect from this company. Web design companies without the impressive work of the design portfolio may also be sent by e-mail and for their portfolio and they can on their list of customers and their capabilities. In reviewing the website of the design of websites for companies seeking an explanation for this information.

Is the site before the apparent mistake to write, images that are missing, broken links, etc.?

The information and information from the plan is the right way in the planning for the Web. If this aspect is neglected and is full of errors, there is reason to believe that the professional working, planning must be the same.

The information is easy to find?

The basic function of the entire site offers information. The users visit the site looking for information, especially. The Web Design Company should be quickly and easily identify the information. Navigation between pages is easy.

Other areas of evaluation

- Is the visual design and to be clear?

- Is the Web pages generously placed and easy to navigate?

- Are there any on the use of pictures and graphics outside of the user of the content?

- Is the site load quickly?

- Is the color system in synchronization with the logo or the brand?

The third step towards the relationship of trust

Once they have determined the development of skills and web design firm, the next step is the transmission of the details of your requirements and look to a professional web design.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Website Design Trends for Site Enhancement

You need to find sites that contain loads of embedded flash designs, heavy use of bright colors and large volumes of text, since you frighten. Why? Have you heard anything, the words "Too many cooks spoil the soup." Well, the same applies in web design. Often, many additional features no use in the treatment of the concerns and needs of visitors to the site, and can lead instead of opening. Take, for example, flash design. Flash also takes time to download, in May that its viewers simply no time. They will inevitably find another place that offers the same functions and save your time and energy.

But wait a minute. This does not mean that the design of the web "extras" should be totally prohibited. On the contrary, when used in complementary ways, these improvements can really make a big difference in the content of the site. Web design trends in recent years have creative, yet is more practical.

Web design realized that burden businesses have a website with pictures, text or without the colors, are ineffective and useless. The concept of using Web sites that offer themes of reconciliation, information, research resolve designs are sought. Basic colors or fonts are back. In addition, Web designers use the empty space in appropriate areas to place an emphasis on a particular topic, and allow a viewer to absorb the content without being overwhelmed by too much information.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tips for webdesigning

Do you wonder why your site is not to obtain higher numbers in visitors? Stop on your time, and you in this article. Despite being a technical work, web design needs much more than mere knowledge of technology. Here are some tips for ensuring a huge flow of visitors to your site.
Fast loading Web design: Sometimes, websites, with an incredible design takes too long to load, it can be very frustrating for most visitors. Avoid using large files and minimize the unnecessary graphics. For the download is quick and, finally, increased visits to the site. Remember that an ideal design website can be a maximum of 15 seconds to load, more than any other, as negative.

2. Easy to Navigation: navigation simple and clear process through Web sites much more easily work. Do not forget the important links on a prominent corner, as the top Web. Add menus on the left and right on your website. Never try to predict the minds of visitors, they can all types of sympathy. Make sure that the menus have links to all other pages on your site. You can also walk to connect the most important, these measures are a better navigation.

3. In all resolutions of compatibility means computers are today, with all the different resolutions, a reduced level of 640x480 at a higher level of 1024x768. Your website design should be on all these resolutions. This may be the best by designing pages on the basis of pixels instead of a percent.

4. Compatibility with browsers: it is an important factor in the success of all Web sites. You must when designing your Web site, so it is compatible with all Web browsers. In other words, it is equally well on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc.

5. Size and design of policies: It is very important to choose a professional police and readable for the content of your website. Never fun, like Comic Sans fonts and bright colors like green, lemon yellow or pink. The writings are increasingly available on all computers. Sometimes, if Web designers use fonts rare, computers with these fonts do not open the pages with the default font, that even a bad thing. Stick to Arial and Verdana, this is a professional look to your website.

6. Decrease use the picture: simple web-design in general, seem to be most effective for each website. An orderly This web page is increasingly resorting to land. Does not your Web site using image files, but more creativity in developing your tables and symbols, so that the website catches to attract the attention of visitors. Pages with lots of content and simple design have always been most prevalent.

7. Use spaces: Space is also equally important for a web site design. They contribute to the publication of important information and links on Web sites and offer a sense of grandeur.

8. Explore the links Broken: It is always best to check broken links on a Web site, before loading. This can be done using Dreamweaver. However, in the absence of such a facility, check broken links after loading the high-il. Net Mechanic is one of the most used.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benifits of a Website

If research on the Internet, you find quantities of information without end against everything and everyone at your fingertips. The Internet is the greatest source of knowledge of the world.
All you need is an Internet site and a resource web hosting company generous.

Many people still think that the design of your website on the Internet is a costly exercise, fortunately, but this reality should not necessarily be appropriate if you use the website host, the benefits of a website will certainly weigh heaviest that the cost of the procedure.

There are many opportunities to benefit from a website, whether for personal gain or to get help from your success. Those who have their own personal Web page on the development of the rule, they employ more than one interest or hobby, a website is a great way to exchange and knowledge with other people. Companies, on the other hand, a website to promote and market their products and services, while cutting back on expenses such as Porto, messengers and advertising, etc.

These are only some examples of benefits to owning a website:

Greater awareness for products and services - Companies can now significantly expand their markets are not necessary in order to focus solely on the local scene, but on the Internet, companies can venture into regional markets and international, with more lightness. This dynamic is changing the nature and marketing activities of certain companies, perhaps the promotion of economy, the diversity of its products and services for the realization of these new markets. Websites, in their nature, are hundreds and thousands of articles, see 24 / 7 and promoting a broad consideration and expand trade.

Freedom - freedom can post your information on your website, then on the Internet at any time of day, the information available on all variations in between a huge sentence. The freedom to navigate and interact with other people is enough to attract smaller companies and most with people for the network, therefore, takes users to net figures, at an alarming rate, approximately 50000 per day. Companies are totals in the network, they found a way for competition in an area plane, even with larger groups, all in a day and increased customer market.

Benefit cost - Net companies are very aware of how they can benefit, on the Internet, they can offer their products and services, without the high costs and delays in printing, publishing and distribution. The market is global, adds greater importance to the costs outlaid for the promotion and marketing, compared with the limits of offline mode. E-commerce may, in the site facilities, processing of visual 2D screen users in the models reagents, for example, consumers for their products and services on the Internet, reduce administrative costs. Reduction of telephone calls to potential customers; rises followed by e-mail, digital newsletter, to promote e-mails or download from the Web site, with a reduction in distribution costs, less promotional material sent out, printed and wasted; extended trading without a human presence, not a few ways to reduce costs.

The latest opinion is that not all stores on the Internet, now or in the near future, it is not only are not the opportunities this new and dynamic sector, but is itself added to the list "forgotten".

No time to scratch their heads, wondering what the Internet can do to enjoy your company, you'll be left, but think about how the benefits of this new and expensive awareness of the industry. Looking for a web site designer or a Web site developer of an offer, and tell them what you need.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Design Tips for Improving Your WebSite

If you have a web-site design, particularly e-commerce website, you want people to visit often, for reasonable periods of time, and make purchases. To do this, you must use your Web site easy to use.

Here are 10 tips for your website Design guests:

1 Keep your speed loading pages User Interface Web are impatient. No force to wait for the visitors, compatible JavaScript or launches QuickTime movies, before entering your site. Always a "Skip" or "Stop" Button, if you use these elements.

2 Avoid Dead-End-pages Still, you offer your customers an exit from a page. This could mean, including a link on the homepage of each side. Users are increasingly accustomed to a navigation bar, links to all sections of a site, and logos, as a navigation system link to the homepage. You can also text links on each page for you on the page "or" Return ".

3 Facilitate Scanning Studying the study shows that most people do not read on the Web. You scan content for relevant information. Helping the process of dismantling the text with headings and sub-topics. Use text links, with which readers jump from section to section. Wait Do not scroll people and you'll find information about your site.

4 Avoid Over Using graphics, animation and multimedia If it does not add features, do not use graphics, animation, movies, sounds, and so forth. Only for use these functions, if your customers. " Photos of the products are often valuable additions to your website, but want, for delays that could lead to that in times of load thumbnails (small) images. You can use this link thumbnail images for a larger image more detail for customers who are interested in a closer look. You can even technology enables viewers to enlarge or rotate the functions of the display of the product.

Limit the number of images on each page to speed up the loading time. If the pages or files is to take a certain time can be downloaded, it is best to forewarn customers to determine the file size next to the link to them. If ever, have less patience for state-of-the-art technologies in these days, because the site is dominated by new users, speed and updated for new browsers and plug-ins down .

5 To do not think everyone uses the same browser Avoid designing a browser or try to exert some force look. Some authors are widely used Web towers tedious formatting in a determined effort to force a client program in creating a visual representation specific. These pages as well if the author with the browser of choice, but we look evil in most or all other browsers.

6 Enter the text of an option The browser settings allow the user to disable images, if they decide and those with older browsers may not have the capacity of all images. Thus, the text links or alternative text tags to side graphics, including navigation buttons and bars.

7 Deadline for registration There are many reasons for visitors to ask to register your site, but not your registration form on the first page. Display your first content; show that registration has his chances, before you ask visitors spend their time.

8 Make your flexible forms Online forms are often necessary and useful to place an order or creating accounts. But you try, your flexible form through a limited number of mandatory fields. In addition, errors easy to find and correct. If users have not entered the correct phone number, they should not need for the entire form. Just good portion of the error, which must be emphasized to identify the main problems. Add an "aid", besides problems for customers to fill out a form. It is simply not make sense that some people take time to learn how to do some work on your site, if 5 million other sites to visit.

9 Avoid "under construction" characters By definition, the Web documents over time. Either your pages are useful for people (in this case, you do not know we apologize for it) or not - in this case, you're not ready to show them that the world and should not be public.

10 Give yourself a clear path for customers to purchase Display your products, descriptions and prices prominent. If you want to talk about a specific product your company sells, how to explain it. Many sites are guilty of not completely advertising products and information on prices or indeed, as the purchase of their products. Even if you're not yet ready for processing transactions online, you can know-how of customers to buy your products by introducing a phone number or the retail trade, where a purchase or when the product is available online.