Monday, October 6, 2008

Diffrence between Web site design and web development

Creating a website and using it are two concepts associated with IT - design and development of resources, said the two Web designers and Web developers. In most cases we find the integration of these two Web designers, where the role of the developer's site also in small projects.

What is the Web-design?

Web design is the process by which a design is intended for Internet use programs such as Photoshop to plan the visual appearance of the site for a preview before its implementation on the Internet. During this phase, the Web designer uses his artistic skills in creating an attractive design with combinations of colors and images, which is the framework for online ads.

Web Design is the design of the visual aesthetics of the site in accordance with the standards, compatibility, visibility, presentation and content. Technically speaking, the web design is the front-end of the site. To summarize, a Web-design refers to marketing, visual simulation and visual enhancements. The problem in this area is possible, the stable functionality.

What is Web-development?

A site that's aesthetically not be stable and at the rate of return. This is the area where the Web development plays a crucial role in the implementation of the draft for dealing successfully with the back-end, the Unseen in the area of a website. The efficiency, stability and performance are the areas that are used in Web development. The experience of a visitor to a site is determined by the success of the strategy for the development of Web design. Faster web development Concerning the indictment, search engine optimization managing Web servers, databases, e-commerce functionality with the addition of more associated with specific site functionality. Web design is part of Web development. Web development is also responsible for hosting Web sites, protecting and securing data and privacy. Web development is done in languages such as PHP, Java, Javascript and Perl with databases such as MySQL, SQLServer and Oracle etc.

Web site design and web development

A good Web design influences a visitor to purchase products, please send a comment, and for the enrichment, so by creating a professional look n feel on the website. In contrast, Web development is a technical process with depths of programming to a functional, safe and interesting site to visit.

Web Design offers a race of the creativity of web development, offers a career in programming. There are many professionals who combine these two areas for a rewarding career to perfection to integrate communications and work on the modalities.

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